Mount Rosin And Turpentine Pvt. Ltd. :

Mount Rosin and Turpentine Industries Pvt. Ltd specializes in prodicing Rosin and Turpentine from the crude resin extracted from the Chir (PinusRoxburghii) trees of Nepal.

Our company has all the infrastructures required for the production of Rosin and Turpentine. Our factory had advanced semi-automated stainless steel processing systems which encompasses a steam heating and boiling system, triple washing system, double filtration system, laboratory room, raw materials, and finished goods storehouse which allows our product to compete with poroducts produced from manufacturers from different countries like China, Brazil, Indonesia and India. Thus, we are producing high-quality rosin and turpentine productss from our  local crude resin which is collected from government forests and community forests from very remote and rural place of Nepal. Some places aren't even accessible by road and we are bound to make use of people and animals to carry the crude resin which sometimes takes more then a day juat to reach the road . In such way, We are collecting pine resin from about 20-25 districts of Nepal including districts like Rukum, Rolpa, Jajarkot, Dadheldhura, Baitadi, Ramechhap, Okhaldhunga, etc.

Rosin (also khown as gum rosin) is a translucent, amber colored substance, having the chief constituent such as resin acid of the abeitic and primary types, having the general formula C19H29COOH.

On the other hand, turpentine is the liquid component or crude pine resin.

We also manage primary efflunt treatment plant, drainage system, cleanliness hygienic processing chain, internal access roads, compound walls, water boring, sanitation system, and a proper office building and staff quarter to meet the requirment of the plant and the staff working in the factory.

Established Year : 2005 (AD)

Product Available:

1. Rosin

2. Turpentine oil

3. Double distilled turpentine oil

4. Pine oil

5. Dipentine oil

6. Alpha Pinene oil

7. Longifolene

8. Pitch

9. Phenyl concentrate