Desi Grub Pvt Ltd :

Desi Grub i.e., Native Fare, has been established in 2021 with the goal of promoting Nepalese Herbal products (Superfoods) in a standardized manner. Nestled within the High Himalayas and diverse terrains, Nepal boasts an abundance of different herbs, grains, foods, oils, and minerals, as well as a rich culture and heritage. Desi Grub captures the essence of these hidden treasures of Mother Nature through its formulated, processed, and standardized products that are ready to use by consumers for better and healthy living.


Desi Grub is a representation of the natural essence and richness of these superfoods, where consumers can experience the unique nutritional benefits and healing qualities in a ready-to-use manner. The products are natural, hygienic, and free from any chemical, artificial fragrances, or adulteration. Wishing you a natural, healthy and happy life.

Established Year : 2021 (AD)

Product Available:

Wellness Tea's (Tisane)

  • - Anti-Oxidant Tea
    - Immune Tea
  • - Lungs And Liver Detox Tea
  • - Chamomile Tea
  • - Hibiscus Tea
  • - Peppermint Tea
  • - Thyme Tea



- Saffron (Pure Persian Super Negin)
- Shilajit (Himalayan Black Gold)
- Raw White Honey
- Vita Herbs (Vitality Booster)
- Stefit (Natural Herbal Sweetener)

Essential Oils

- Apricot Kernel Oil
- Hemp Seed Oil

Skin Care
- Natural Skin Healer