Lasakusa Food Products Pvt. Ltd :

Makkusé ' s mission is to transform the way that the world experiences Nepali desserts, elevating its making while taking action in favor of sustainable future. We bring you an authentic taste from the magical, mystical land of The Himalayas. With an innovative touch to the recipes that have been passed down from generations, we labor to deliver a scrumptious experience in every bite. A luxurious & wholesome experience; Blend of traditional recipes with a modern touch. Aromatic alleys filled with notes of fresh khuwa roasted daily, a wonderful sight that residents of Kathmandu enjoyed decades ago, have sadly diminished - along with the lively entertaining process of making these unique Nepali desserts.

With Makkusé, we aim to revive the lost recipes and make the Nepali richness well known across the globe whilst meeting the expectations of customers, making sure we use locally resourced raw products by sourcing the local talent. Makkusé simply means Scrumptious & Beyond Delicious in Newari, our brand logo is written in Kutaakshar, a version within the Ranjana Lipi; the language of the Newar community, from whom our signature recipes originate. Handmade Crafted by hand, using recipes passed down through generations with utmost care and attention to hygiene. 

Established Year : 2020 (AD)

Product Available:

  • Handcrated Pustakri
  • Regular Pustakari
  • Diabetic Friendly Pustakari
  • Original Gundpak
  • Mocha Gundpak
  • Rosewate Gundpak
  • Sugarefree Gundpak
  • Oatmeal Gundpak-filled Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Gundpak-filled Cookies
  • Semolina Gundpak-filled Cookies
  • Diabetic Friendly Semolina Cookies